Nutrition Consultations

Nutrition Consultations are conducted in two main types:

1) Initial Assessment. Initial consultations are idealĀ if you are looking to improve your diet, lose weight, manage any particular health conditions or food allergies, check that you are eating right according to your needs, as well as many other purposes. These initial sessions involve extensive information gathering about your medical history, symptoms, diet history and other key areas. This is so that our dietitian can form a comprehensive understanding about your condition, your body and your diet so that she can make adjustments to suit your individual requirements. These sessions are focused data collection, however they incorporate goal setting and basic nutrition education. Initial sessions generally run anywhere from 60-90 minutes and cost $130.00. NOTE: You may be eligible for a rebate for a portion of this cost, contact us for more information.

2) Review (Follow-Up). Review consultations are generally the sessions that run after you have had your initial assessment from the dietitian. These sessions involveĀ helping you achieve your goals by analysing your overall diet and health, and discussing nutritional options that will help guide you on your journey to a healthier lifestyle. These sessions are shorter in duration than the initial session, and involve less data collection and more tailored nutritional education. These sessions cost $70.00 and run from 30-45 minutes.

We also offer targeted consultations for individuals and families, and provide print-outs of any information we discuss with you.