Healthy Eating Program

Our Healthy Eating Program is offered as either a 5-session (shortened) program or a 12-session (extended) program. Sessions vary in duration from 30 minutes to 60 minutes. Each of these sessions also vary in cost, with discounts for upfront payments. Topics are varied by session and include eating guidelines, shopping tips, food label reading, food portion control, and tips for eating out. Contact us for more information and download our Price List for more details regarding prices.

NOTE: Prices for the initial sessions (Session 1) reflect the cost for a single adult. Accompanying children in the Healthy Eating Program are free, however additional adults (16 years and older) will cost an additional 50% of the Session 1 cost and will run for an extended duration. This is because the initial sessions incorporate extensive background data collection from each participant and guidelines are individualised per person.

If you would like to arrange a group Healthy Eating Program, that can also be arranged. Contact us for more information.