Bariatric Surgery

What is Bariatric Surgery?

Bariatric Surgery is a type of surgery that involves the stomach and how food is digested. Bariatric surgery is generally used for patients that are obese and have failed at other means to lose weight or improve upon their health. There are 3 main types of bariatric surgeries; these include lap band surgery (an adjustable ring is placed around the stomach to increase the time it takes food to pass through), gastric bypass surgery (intestines are joined to the top of the stomach so less energy is absorbed by the body) and gastric sleeve surgery (most of the stomach is removed along with the part that produces hunger hormones).

When should you get a referral to a dietitian?

~ All bariatric surgery patients should be referred to a dietitian for pre and post surgery dietary counselling.

What are the benefits of involving a dietitian?

~ Adequate dietary intake to meet nutritional requirements

~ Tailored support with motivation to make dietary changes

~ Improved body composition and health outcomes

~ Sustained weight loss